Which Ecommerce Platform Will Give Your Online Store the Best Chance at Growth?

Dozens of ecommerce platforms exist............ we'll help you find the one that's best for you!

We're really good at helping folks choose the right platform.

BLLD ME is a service we've designed based on twelve years of working closely with ecommerce and multichannel companies. 

It's simple: We'll interview you to get a clear picture on your entire scenario -- products, services, market, positioning, clientele, experience and more -- and we'll recommend the perfect software setup for your ecommerce.

Our recommendations are based on thousands of hours of experience working closely with the top ecommerce apps, across industries and business models. As a result, you'll be able to feel confident about the direction you're taking your store as you move into the development phase.


We use a simple process to determine which e-commerce platform suits you.

1. Understand your situation

We work with startups and F500 companies. This first step gives us the context so we'll be able to later prescribe correctly-sized solutions.

  • your industry and product / service mix
  • your market positioning vs. competitors
  • your team's capabilities and experience
  • your 18-month budget for your website
  • why you're replatforming (need a facelift, losing traffic, can't customize, performance / conversion issues, etc)

2. Explore your concept

"Best practices" aren't enough. In the second step, you'll explain how your relaunched website will actually move the business forward. We'll discuss:

  • existing features on your site that must be preserved
  • important functionality you'd like added in your new site
  • specific ways your relaunced site will differentiate from your competition
  • example websites with the level of visual quality you'd love to imitate

3. Provide Recommendations

In the third and final step, we'll lay out for you exactly how to proceed.

  • We'll list out for you platform / app options that fit your criteria
  • We'll explain your choices for workarounds / custom development for any parts of your plan that can't be covered via off-the-shelf options
  • We'll recommend a phased rollout with approximate total cost of ownership budget

The best part: It's never happened yet, but if after going through this process, we have no idea which way you should go, we'll give you a 110% refund.

BLLD ME is $1,625

We’ll give you the framework and advice you need to move forward.

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What platforms do you recommend?

Quite a few...here are the platforms we've worked extensively with (meaning, built fully custom websites, complex integrations and apps for):

  • Magento (including Enterprise Edition)
  • Shopify (including Shopify Plus)
  • WooCommerce
  • Spree Commerce
  • BigCommerce

In certain cases, we recommend more barebones platforms like SquareSpace or Gumroad; while these don't offer full-featured ecommerce, they might be perfect for your use case!

This sounds awesome but is it really worth $1,625?

It's actually worth far more. Once you move forward with a platform, you're going to be subject to the limitations and quirks of that platform, some of which won't be obvious until you are a long way down the road. If you do find yourself in a bind due to your chosen platform, it can easily cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to create a workaround.

Considering the fact that most ecommerce companies switch to a totally different platform every 2-3 years, the risk of a bad decision is definitely greater than the cost of this service.

How good are your recommendations?

They're pretty solid! We have nine years and over 30,000 hours of developer time working with the most popular ecommerce apps. We know what works for simple and complex scenarios, and we won't overcomplicate (or undercomplicate) things.

How do I know if this is not right for me?

If you already know exactly what software you need to leverage, you don't need to talk to us. But if you need a reality check, this might be helpful.

If what you really want is a quote on website development, this service isn't what you want either (although it may be a good starting point). But if you need a custom consultation, just let us know, we can happily accommodate that.

If, at any point during the process we discover that we can’t give you the advice you need, we’ll stop work and return 100% of your money.

Will This Actually Save Me Time and Money?

Fair question! You probably have a long list of selection criteria for your project and a short list of the options you're considering. But keep in mind -- We’re platform-agnostic which means we can tell you exactly what's right -- and wrong -- with a particular option.

We've been doing this for a while. I’m confident our recommendation will put you on the path to success with your ecommerce project.


Michael Bower, CEO

BLLD ME is $1,625

We’ll give you the framework and advice you need to move forward.